issues of importance

Mental Health Support

Improving Mental Health support in our community needs to become a priority. We are all susceptible to becoming overloaded, stressed and exhausted and our culture, staff, and personal wellness suffer for it. 

We need to ensure full-time and part-time Township Staff, Volunteers, their familes and neighbours are aware of, and have access to the support they need 24/7.

Are you in crisis right now? Please Call 1-844-HERE-247 (437-3247) 

Well-being of Children

The community plays a crucial role in helping families raise compassionate, inquisitive, active and accepting children who will also shape our communities and guide us all into the future.


The well-being of our children must be a focus; helping them find a balance between technology and activities that encourage active play and through organized sports
Lower speed limits in our school zones will ensure that our children, their parents, volunteers and school staff  return home safe and sound after each and every school day.


Community Volunteerism

Volunteering can add to the quality of one’s life and to others.


The Township of Wilmot needs to be committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and civic participation.  


Involved Canadians build strong and connected communities.


Prosperity for Businesses and Farms

As an entrepreneur, she understands the differences between complacency and responsible investment that follows a methodical path leading to tangible results.

Addressing major flooding concerns in New Hamburg and throughout Wilmot Township
Developing a more proactive and engaging approach to local tourism leading to further prosperity for local businesses
Effects of Highspeed Rail on family and commercial farms in Wilmot. 


Highspeed rail will provide a benefit to non-rural employers to attract and retain employees and for our region’s local Universities, however portions of the route will require new tracks being laid over what is currently commercial farmland contributing to the local economy.

As a Township we need to ask what the benefits Highspeed will bring to the agricultural sector. Angie is concerned about how dividing family farms will most certainly increase their operating expenses and in turn make it harder to be competitive with similar farms not affected by the detrimental aspects of Highspeed rail.