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Any Questions?

I am known to ask many questions of staff at meetings and making sure everything has been considered and addressed. I expect the same from the public looking at re-electing me as a candidate.

How do community members find out what is happening in the Township and how do we get to have our say?

Members of the public and council members find out at the same time. There is a ByLaw that staff have to have the agenda for the public and council posted the Wednesday before the council meeting. This gives council and the public the same time to read and review what staff are proposing. Members of the public can delegate at a meeting to provide comment, email a councillor or contact the staff member who wrote the report directly. At times there are surveys done in the community to ask how the community feels about a topic.

Why can it take so long for issues to be addressed?

This is one thing that frustrates me as well. First, it's important to understand that we are a two tier government. While a Wilmot councillor can advocate for issues on Regional Roads to carry the issue to the right people it has to be reported, budgeted and approved by the Regional Council. At the council level, we are also guided by the budget. Council can submit budget request through the CAO, staff take that information and present their comments and budget requests that they feel they need to operate the Township. Once this is approved it is the road map and work plan for the whole year. Taxes are determined based on this roadmap. When an issue comes up during the year there is little room in the budget and most often requests need to wait until the next budget cycle.

How do you see Wilmot as a community getting through the continued complexities of the pandemic?

As humans in this community, we are intraconnected and we must focus on community over self-interest. Self-preservation was the instict most felt at the begining of the pandemic. People were hoarding toilet paper and food. Well water testing was put on hold and this put pressure and fear on those in the community who rely on well water supply. I advocated and was sucessful in bringing back water testing to well owners. 


​We have lived through a time in human history, we can look outwords to define our future. None of us are powerless. We collectively have the ability to make our community better. The path ahead can be frightening, but we need to take just one step at a time.

How will you protect green spaces, trails and active trasportation?

A  survey commissioned by the TCT shows that trail use is up across Canada as Canadians have embraced outdoor recreation opportunities that enhance their physical and mental health.  This survey found that COVID-19 has changed the way Canadians use trails, with 40% of Canadians increasing their trail usage since 2020. Adocating for active transporatiojn in our community has always been important to me. I was sucessful in getting sidwalks completed in New Dundee. I have been advocating for an active transportation solution in Mannheim and Haysville along side community members. Along with requesting atention to the need for Wilmot to revise the trails master plan. We need to address the need for active trasportation in our rural communites as well. 

How will you continue to make Wilmot a safer place?

Whether it be speeding on our streets, our child’s walk to school, or concerns about thefts in the area, community safety is hand’s down the number one concern I hear from residents. It is imperative that we all feel safe in our homes, and when we step out the door. A safer community is our collective shared goal!

This is why I started the community saftey and crime prevention commitee of council.

I have worked hard to get new and enhanced traffic calming measures on the streets of Wilmot. I will continue to advocate for neighbourhood safety. This work is never done and it must always be a focus. As your Councillor, I will continue to fight to ensure our community and streets are safer!

How will you Increase Public Consultation that is Informed and Meaningful?

I am proud of the improved communication that I have brought to Wilmot. I was the first councillor to offer regualr townhalls that continued virtually during the pandemic. I advocated for better communication from the Township and was sucessful in Wilmot getting a FaceBook page and communications member of staff. Pre budget consultations are another item I am very proud of along with changing the time that council agendas and reports get out to council and the public.

There are many civic social issues and challenges the community is faced with. What can you do?

Bringing people with different views and priorities together to help them move forward in a way that satisfies everyone’s core needs has been such a joy.

Through my business career and extensive commitee work, I am skilled at  negotiating and problem-solving. I’ve combined these skills with effective listening, seeking out expert advice, and a consistent commitment to doing the right thing at the right time.


My experience has brought results. I care deeply about the residents of Wilmot and Ward 1 that I live in. I will continue to  provide you with skilled, respectful representation and a powerful voice at Wilmot Council.


I’ll continue to work hard for you every day to make Wilmot safer, more inclusive, and a better place to live.

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